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American Civil War

Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
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World War I

War of Movement, 1914
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Commonwealth War Graves
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World War II

Battle of Normandy, 1944
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About VHP

I love maps. I love history.

Blending these was an idle hobby, but the vision of creating a crowd-sourced Virtual History has become consuming.

Here, I want you to interact with history, to see it unfold in time and space, and to explore its people, places, and events. Here, you can add your knowledge so that these Virtual Histories continually improve. Here, you can connect with other history nuts. Here, we can safeguard these virtual histories for future generations.

Let’s bring history alive.
-Erik Hellstedt

Humanity in War

Here you find first-person accounts that, amidst the ruin and destruction, sparkle with humanity.

Battle of Normandy title

“… bulldozer almost removed the Officer’s Latrine in which they were ensconced.”

18 July 1944. Écarde, France. “0600- Large numbers of heavy bombers from the U.K. passed over head on their way to bomb CAEN; the prelude of the battle; The [battalion] turned out to watch the air battle which was a sight to gladden every body’s heart. The procession of aircraft continued without stop for 4 […]

Battle of Normandy title

“No one could refrain from laughing when they saw the [battalion] on the move.”

21 June 1944. France. “In spite of being pushed hither and yon the day had its amusing incidents. No one could refrain from laughing when they saw the [battalion] on the move. D Company moved complete with their twelve cows, several chickens, a few push carts etc. Most companies had their cows trailing behind their […]

Battle of Normandy title

“… a café just a hundred yards off the beach is opened up …”

6 June 1944. Juno Beach in Bernières-sur-Mer, France. “0900- [Battalion Headquarters] arrive on shore, link up with [Advanced Headquarters] and proceed through the town where a temporary HQ is set up at [map reference] 992848. [Advanced Headquarters] detach themselves and set up in a house at [map reference] 994854 where they earn all rights to the […]

Battle of Normandy title

“… we could see that his heart was almost broken.”

20 June 1944. France. “Weather: fair and warm. The day started off dark and cloudy but has cleared up a bit and things are drying up after the awful mud of yesterday. The highlight of the morning was our first issue of rum in France. The boys claim it is the best that we have […]


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