“… we could see that his heart was almost broken.”

20 June 1944. France.

Battle of Normandy title“Weather: fair and warm.

The day started off dark and cloudy but has cleared up a bit and things are drying up after the awful mud of yesterday. The highlight of the morning was our first issue of rum in France. The boys claim it is the best that we have ever had, of course that may be because we have been so long away from spirits of any kind. At any rate we started the day out in high spirits. The day has been spent so far in cleaning up after the mud.

This morning a party of seven French civilians came to our area. One old man who was an Artillery General in the last war is the owner of the house in our area. Then we conducted him into his house so that he could get some of his clothes we could see that his heart was almost broken. In his own “den” on the second floor everything was in an awful mess. This was due mostly to two bombs landing just outside his windows. Some of his most prized possessions such as his uniform and hat were lying on the floor in the midst of all the mess. It certainly makes you think. The Frenchman is paying an awfully high price for this war.

Our own six pounders and three inch mortars have been doing some practicing today to get some of their new men worked into a team. There were no casualties today. So far the anti-tank platoon has only expended twenty-four rounds of ammunition and fourteen of that was lost and four fired to try out their guns. The day ended with a visit from Major General R.F.L. Keller and Brigadier D.G. Cunningham. Very little shelling and mortaring today.”

“>-War Diary, North Nova Scotia Highlanders

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