Visible Units

Unit Tools

Gettysburg Campaign, 1863
This animation gives you the chance to explore as much as you would like.
1. Explore the map.
Navigation InstructionsZoom, scroll, and explore the background map. Click the HELP button for more detailed instructions.

Navigation InstructionsSelect your map. Use the LAYER button to select the map on which the animation is projected.

2. Play with time.
Animation ControlYou can play forward, reverse, pause, and change the animation speed using the animation widget. Or use the slider along your screen's bottom to leap through time.
3. Display more units.
The animation begins with the major units visible. You can toggle more units on/off with the "Visible Units" button. Bear in mind that displaying all of the units may affect the animation's performance.
4. Find units.
Searching for a unit? Type in keywords and/or use the filters in "Find Units" to narrow your search result. Then select your unit to access more detailed information.
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